Ya feel me?

Greetings!! Meet my alter ego: Da Pink Pirate!! She wasn't always PINK. After many struggles, abuses, hardships including and not limited to bankruptcy..I found that life is much better viewed through *Rum Colored Glasses* My pirate way of saying Rose colored! No, I am not an alcoholic nor am I a heavy drinker!! I do so enjoy a delicious rum & coke with a slice of lime..Cuba Libre!!

My intention with this is to lead others in positivity and self growth through applied teachings of The Law of Attraction and self help coaching . I studied & am a Certified Practitioner and am currently undertaking Advanced Courses. I hope to do Motivational Speaking in the near future in my local area & perhaps a Podcast too on this subject . I will add my Twitter feed for this and of course keep my Rum Diary updated!!