Listeners Say

"Love listening to DJ Pirate's show. Her voice is strong, confident and has a pleasing sound. She imparts knowledge as she announces the music with interesting tidbits of information. I especially like how personable she is and how easy to communicate with during her show; taking requests and doing her best to fulfill them on the spot. Last but not least, her choice of music makes for easy listening as she mixes it up with current and classic selections. 5 *'s to this lady!"

MaryHelen from Texas

I pretty much gave up on commercial radio. The same songs over and over, the mindless chatter of "hosts" who think they're the stars of the program.  So you can imagine my delight when I found two internet radio programs that feature a sassy female pirate who knows her music, know the artists, and how to give the listener a good time without boring chit chat. DJ Pirate's shows (love the names) - Deep Fried Rum Stix (country, blues, rock and some pop) and the DJ Pirate Rum & Cokelahoma Show (pop, rock, and country) are as entertaining as their titles suggest.  You never know what you'll hear but one thing's for sure, you'll enjoy it.  As the saying goes "One song can bring back a 1000 memories."  From oldies to the current music scene - all genres - it's all there and DJ Pirate is full of interesting info about the artists, too.  (Hint: she's "over the yardarm" for Jack Sparrow aka Johnny Depp).  DJ Pirate (aka Peggy Legg) won't disappoint. And be sure to listen for the special "theme" shows she puts together. Great stuff!  Oh, did a mention that if you miss her "live" show, you can catch the podcast later. I often listen late at night and I like mine with rum. So how easy it that?  Listen live or carry the music wherever you go. Just listen and enjoy. 
Anita S. 
Great Mills, MD 

Ya feel me?

John Biggs has over 25 years in radio and television having worked as an air personality, Music Director and Program Director in radio and as a broadcast engineer in radio and television. In addition, he has worked in voiceovers while working as an engineer at a local television station. His present radio work includes weekend work as a weathercaster for several radio stations on Radio Forecast Network.


Very good show! Well presented, produced and obviously well prepared show. Really enjoyed the variety of music! This was a joy to critique.
Keep up the excellent work!!

My Story

Ardmore, OK, United States

"DJ Pirate embodies what today's radio DJs are lacking -- fun, humor, and a creative, engaging personality. No matter what your taste
in music, The Rum & Cokelahoma Show and Deep Fried Rum Stix, will have you discovering a new band or artist, new music,
or taking a trip down retro lane with the clever show themes. So jump aboard and set sail with DJ Pirate -- you won't regret it!
Rating: 5 Rum Bottles (Highly Recommended!)"
- Linda Garnett

Deborah W. from Oklahoma says:

"I love this show.It always has something  new and different.
Love to set sail with this show...each show is different...always has a good mix of different artists. love the DJ also... she keeps it interesting...keeps it fresh...highly entertaining.
Love the variety of music...some of everything.
Hope this keeps sailing the seven seas for a long time to come !"

Avast! A true native, Floridian , DJ Pirate be listenin’ to a rum barrel full o’ da music as soon as she could flip a radio dial with a sword! With a true love for music & lyrics she could remember an entire dinghy of songs before memorizing the parchment of textbooks.

Some favorite scalawags of the air were: Casey Kasem, Wolfman Jack, & flash forward a few decades to DJ Jonathon Steele.

From the shores o’ reggae to the fields of country~~ DJ Pirate be rockin’ da Pirate ship & Poppin da Rum! An entire ole & new world of artistry & music be findin’ it’s way into her heart & on her shows!

Her favorite things be spinnin on the airwaves, travelin to new port o’ calls: mainly casinos & hotels, keepin an eye glass on subjects from cooking to the Law Of Attraction and bein around other pirates, gypsys, and outcasts!